3 Ways To Make Cooking For One More Enjoyable

For many people, cooking for just themselves is much harder than cooking for a group or a family. Because many recipes are meant to produce multiple servings, and eating on your own isn’t the most enjoyable of activities, many people who are cooking just for one find that they’re much more likely to eat convenience foods rather than going through the trouble of cooking themselves healthy meals. But if you’re wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and find some joy in your meal times, there are things you can do to make cooking for yourself easier.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three ways to make cooking for one more enjoyable. 

Use The Right Equipment

When you’re cooking for one, having some specific cooking equipment can make your life much easier. 

Some of the best cooking equipment you should invest in when you’re trying to cook healthy food in smaller quantities include things like a toaster oven, a small grill, a slow cooker, and a pressure cooker. All of these pieces of equipment will allow you to cook good food quicker and without having to go through the trouble of spending hours and hours cooking each day.

Along with this equipment, you can also look into getting some cooking accessories like smaller muffin pans so that you can make smaller portions of certain foods and then more easily store the leftovers for a later meal. 

Cut Down On The Actual Cooking

Whether you lead a busy life and you don’t want to spend hours each day cooking brand new meals from scratch or you live in an assisted living community where you won’t always have consistent access to your own kitchen, finding a way to cut down on the time you actually spend cooking each day is ideal.

To do this, you may want to start cooking certain items in bulk. For example, if you’re planning on having a chicken dinner a few times during the week, try cooking all of your chicken at the same time. This same process can be done with other food items as well. By doing this cooking all together at one time, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble for later meals. 

Get To Know Your Local Grocers

For many people, cooking and eating is something that’s best enjoyed with other people. But when you’re cooking and eating by yourself, you don’t really have other people involved with you. However, if you’re wanting to get a little social interaction with your meal planning and prep, try getting to know your local grocers.

Not only can speaking with and getting to know the butcher, farm stand owner, or baker in your area help give you someone to talk about food with and bounce ideas off of, but it can also help you to get some great deals on your food, too. 

If you’re wanting your solo meals to be more enjoyable to prepare, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you with this.