4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Cannabis Edibles

Cooking with cannabis is a fun activity, but you need to pay heed to a few common points while cooking with the same. We have listed some of the common mistakes to avoid when cooking cannabis edibles.

  1. Cooking with raw cannabis

You must never cook with raw cannabis. The first thing you should do is to activate the THC or CBD content by the means of heat. This process is known as decarboxylation. This tends to give the edibles the buzz you desire. When you cook directly with raw cannabis, this will not let the cannabinoids found inside to activate and bind to fat. You will just be wasting the bud. In the process of decarboxylation, you have to grind the cannabis and place it on a cookie sheet. Then keep it in the oven between 110 degrees C to 120 degrees C and roast it for an hour at least. If you are making cannabutter, ensure to keep the temperature low and steady. And click here if you want to buy readymade MMJ Baked Good Edibles, if you are too lazy to cook anything.

  1. Not setting the cooking temperature and time correctly

No matter if you are decarboxylating the ground cannabis in an oven, there is always one rule to pay heed to, extraction cannabinoids in a proper temperature and time. Always pre heat the oven. Ensure to mix the bud in every 10 minutes. When integrating the cannabis in butter or oil, set a low temperature, ranging between 160 to 200 degrees C. Make the use of a thermometer to check the temperature.

  1. Grinding the cannabis too finely

Many canna chefs suggest grinding the cannabis in a coffee grinder or food processor. When you pulverize the bed, it gives the edibles a strong grassy flavor. It also causes your oil or butter to turn green. Rather than this, use a course grinder so that your buds have the consistency of table salt.

  1. Spending a fortune on cooking bud

Many beginners tend to waste a lot of bud when they begin experimenting in the kitchen. Generally, you don’t need a plethora of cannabis to create the punch you are seeking. Also keep in mind that you don’t have to use the primo bud every time. You can also extract cannabinoids from stems, shake, leaves, and trim. The shake is the leftover pieces which are leftover in the bottom of your bag that usually contain a concoction of several types of cannabis. Commercial kitchens tend to use a frequently used bud for their cooking. If you found it, do the same and save the primo bud for smoking purposes.