Five Common Misconceptions about Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

With evidence showing that frozen food is just as good as its fresh counterpart, many people choose to buy frozen fruits and vegetables. Sure, fresh fruits are great but you can only enjoy as much of them during the summer. This is particularly possible with seasonal fruits. When winter comes, you won’t have many choices but to go for the frozen ones.

Fresh has long been a mantra for those who practice healthy eating habits. And old notions of frozen food make people think of iced items that have lost nutritional value and taste. But, these are old-school ideas. As consumers prefer something at competitive prices and reduce waste, frozen food has become a cool option these days. To reinforce the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, we are debunking some of the people’s misconceptions about frozen food.

Frozen Food Has Lost Its Nutritional Value

According to the Food & Drug Administration, frozen fruits and vegetables have the same health benefits and essential nutrients that fresh food offers. Fruits and vegetables that are destined to be frozen are picked at the right time and frozen to preserve them. Their quality and nutritional value remain within their expected freezer life.

Frozen is Fresher than Fresh

Did you know that quick frozen food such as blueberries can be fresher than fresh blueberries? They are preserved at their peak. With the development of a technology called individually quick-frozen (IQF) method, it has become possible to freeze food while their freshness is at its peak. A lot of great frozen options are at

Frozen Fruits is of Low Quality

The truth is famous and successful frozen fruit brands use just premium fruit for freezing. This ensures their customers only get a consistently superior product. With the freshness and nutritional value retained, it only proves frozen fruits are of premium quality.

Frozen Fruits Globe Together in Ice

The IQF method allows the delicate food’s integrity to be preserved. For instance, wild blueberries hold their shape and texture through this method. Each piece of berry maintains its identity instead of globing together in balls of ice.

Frozen Fruits are Not Easy to Use

When it comes to fruits frozen using the IQF method, performance is first class. In the case of blueberries, they have superior performance when used in any recipe and they are able to retain their structure even after being frozen. Also, frozen fruit is a better pick for smoothies.