Greek yogurt Pizza dough recipe

Are you seeking a new pizza recipe that is new and interesting? Greek yogurt pizza could be one of the best ways that you could mix together an easy pizza recipe with a unique twist on a classic. The main ingredient in this pizza is Greek yogurt and it leads to a completely unique style of dough with a self rising action.

The two ingredient dill pizza just requires one and a half cups of self rising flour and then one cup of Greek yogurt. The combined together the ingredients in a bowl and then knead the dough until it feels closer to the consistency of a pizza dough. You can continue to knead for around 7 min. until the dough starts to get moist and sticky. By cutting this ball of dough in half, you can create two pizzas of 10 inches.

Top the pizza as you normally would and then cook it for around 8 to 10 min. at 600° or the broil setting of your oven.

For the best ingredients for this recipe it’s best to use a yogurt that contains 3.5% milk fat and that has an organic recipe. The dough will have an extremely distinctive taste and he can also add a bit of extra protein into a recipe. If you are looking to experiment with a number of flavors you could also consider making this type of dough with some sweeter ingredients like honey or strawberry.

If you are seeking a pizza dough recipe that’s going to be very easy to re-create, this greek yogurt pizza dough recipe is one of the easiest around. If you regularly buy dough to make pizzas at home, try this out instead!

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