Seven Awesome Ways to Use Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar of Modena is made from grapes; however, it is also wine vinegar as the grape juice used is not fermented. Though it is originally from Modena, Italy, the vinegar has been widely available in the majority of supermarkets in many countries and comes in various qualities and flavors.  It is a famous dressing in salads but people gain the health benefits of this vinegar by using it in many ways. These include:

Salad Dressing

A mix of extra virgin oil and balsamic vinegar can make for healthy and luscious vinaigrette. If you want creamy vinaigrette with this vinegar, just blend it with olive oil, grated Parmesan, and a dash of mustard. Other ingredients can also be added to come up with unique, inspiring dressings.


The vinegar’s acid helps in breaking down tough meat cuts. Just brush on the vinegar over a steak and allow it to sit in the fridge for a few hours or a day before you grill it. The brush will get the liquid into the flesh’s grooves instead of running off the meat.

Reductions and Glazes

Balsamic is a good as a glaze for ribs or when reduced and brushed on salmon. For a fancier meat, prepare the vinegar reduction. Just simmer the vinegar for around ten minutes until it has reduced and achieved the desired thickness. With all the flavors in it, it can be drizzled over grilled veggies or meats.

Over Ice Cream

Balsamic can be great on ice cream; however, you must not pour something which tastes like vinegar over your sweets. When using balsamic over chocolate ice cream, choose one that is thick and drizzle it over a quality vanilla.

Cocktails and Desserts

The vinegar has a sweet flavor that can be a mouth-watering addition to cocktails, especially if you incorporate it into simple syrup. Also, the same sweetness makes the vinegar a great ingredient to use in desserts. You can pair it naturally with strawberries to come up with panna cotta strawberries in balsamic, for instance. You can also use the vinegar to pair with caramel apples.

In Turkey Burgers

A tablespoon of balsamic can be mixed with ground turkey and added with your chosen spices. A lot of people use balsamic with blueberry and cinnamon.

In Soda

If you are looking to make a nice fizzy drink, just stir in a bit of balsamic with some soda water. This can be a good place to start to experiment with various combinations.

If you want more accessible balsamic, ensure the ingredients don’t include sugar. Usually, low-quality vinegar is bitter and may have brown sugar in it to mask the inferiority. True balsamic only has must as its main ingredient. Also, note that vinegar’s age in case you can find this information in the bottle. Generally, it is better to use aged balsamic.

In some markets, you can purchase this vinegar by filling glass bottles yourself. At these places, you can usually taste the vinegar before you buy it. This lets you ensure you are getting high-quality vinegar with a balanced flavor and suits your taste.  You can learn more about balsamic vinegar by checking out some buying balsamic vinegar FAQ.

Author Bio – Sheila May is a cook and nutritionist who has lived in Italy, Greece and Spain. She recommends the Mediterranean diet to promote healthy and smart eating habits.