Simple Cooking 101: Indian Snack Recipes Using Frozen Foods!

Frozen foods are not just tasty, but also great for days when you don’t have anything else to cook. There are various kinds of frozen food items, right from ready meals to frozen snacks, which are ready to be fried and served. If you are fond of Indian snacks and want to try a few recipes, we have a list that may come in handy. We promise that each recipe is super easy and will be ready to serve within an hour.

Sandwich with potato smileys

One of the common frozen items in the Indian market, potato smileys are great a standalone snack but can be also used in a number of ways. Potato smiles are small cutlets designed to look like smileys. To make your sandwich, toast two slices of bread with some butter. Fry or bake the potato smiles as you like. Now place one slice of bread, top it with some lettuce and two to three smileys. Add some sliced onions and tomatoes on top with a slice of cheese and your sandwich is ready. If you want to enhance the flavour, you can also grill the sandwich at this stage.

Wrap with aloo tikki

Aloo tikki has always been the standard Indian patty, and while it is a great snack with some ketchup, you can turn this into a good fulfilling wrap. To make the recipe, bake or fry the frozen aloo tikki as per the instructions on the packet. Now, make a small roti (you can also buy ready wraps from the market or even use leftover rotis). Start by cutting the ready tikkis into half. Place two tikkis along the center of the roti. Add dressing of your choice, with some veggies, such as chopped onions, tomatoes and cucumber. You can add some mayonnaise if you want. Now, wrap the roll after adding some chat masala or lemon juice.

Mixed fries with cheese and veggies

If you like to have a full bowl of snack in the evening, this is the recipe to go for. Fry different kinds of frozen fries first and keep aside. In a bowl, add some boiled corn, with veggies like onion, tomato, cucumber and boiled French beans. Add some mayonnaise and melted cheese with salt and season it according to your palate. Now add the fries as the last ingredient and serve immediately for the crunchy effect.

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