Sous Vide – A New Technique for Cooking Healthy Food

Sous Vide is basically a cooking technique that uses precise temperature control for delivering restaurant quality and consistent foods. The leading restaurants across the globe use this technique to cook food to the accurate level of doneness wished for. But the equipment ranges of this type of cooking technique have always been bulky, overloaded with some complex features and also expensive. Due to this reason, this type of equipment has made its way into some high-end retail shops, people with extensive culinary experience and chefs. But at the recent time, this cooking technique has become really popular for the home cooks due to the availability of a number of easy-to-use, affordable and précised Sous Vide equipment for cooking.

Sous Vide cooking technique:

The Sous Vide cooking technique is easier than what you might think and this technique mainly involves three steps:

  1. To start with, attach the precision cooker to the pot of water and then set both the temperature and time as per the desired level of completeness
  2. Next put the food items in a sealable bag and therefore clip that to the side part of the pot
  3. Complete your cooking by grilling, searing or broiling the food item to have a golden and crispy exterior layer

Reasons for cooking with Sous Vide:

Sous Vide cooking technique mainly uses accurate temperature control with circulation for producing results, which is impossible to achieve through any other techniques of cooking. The main reason behind it is that while using any traditional cooking method, you can’t have control over the temperature and heat.

Apart from the proper temperature control, here are some of the reasons why this is the right time to accept Sous Vide cooking technique:

Taste: In this cooking technique, the food is cooked in its juices. This thing ensures that the food remains tender, moist and juicy.

Consistency: As in this method the food is cooked in a precise method for a specific amount of time, this only brings really consistent results.

Waste reduction: Food items that are prepared traditionally mostly dry out and lead to waste. But food cooked in Sous Vide doesn’t lose any volume.

Flexibility: Foods, while cooked in the traditional method, need constant attention. On the other hand, being a precision cooking method, Sous Vide brings food to a specific temperature and then holds it. So, there is no chance of overcooking.