The Best Coffee Club

I have always wanted to join a coffee club where it would lead me to discover the great quality of coffee beans. I recently got so interested to join a coffee club so I did. I realized that being a member is actually a great advantage for coffee lovers like me. Personally, I wanted to be a member of a coffee club so I can reward myself in finding a brew that I absolutely like.

I don’t want to settle with taking a short trip to the grocery store to buy instant coffee. I feel that I deserve to treat myself with the best coffee LA has to offer. And since the first month I became a member of the coffee club, I still find it hard to believe. Being a member of a coffee club allows me to taste new coffee every month. What a great way to discover local coffee! With my coffee subscription never running low, I also get to be the first to know if there is any special sale or discount through the newsletter. My coffee subscription box comes every first of the month and it comes with a surprise or two along with the card that tells the story of the featured coffee of the month. I wasn’t expecting to find the best coffee in LA before I joined Los Angeles Coffee Club but my coffee subscription leads me to find where they are.

My coffee club went around Los Angeles to taste all the coffee and espresso at each and every coffee shop they visited. They didn’t mind being too caffeinated just to give us the best coffee LA has to offer. They even found the five best coffee shops in Santa Monica namely the Funnel Mill Rare Coffee and Tea, 10 Speed Coffee, Demitasse, GoodBoyBob, and Cafe Lux. So if you are interested to check the area, go ahead and bring your best friends along and have fun. They too deserve the best coffee in LA. This coffee club is not only after the best coffee in LA. They actually want to help people connect with family and friends by giving them the knowledge of where to find only the best hang out place in LA. Aside from being great at rating the quality and the taste of the coffee being served, they also make sure to look for the beauty of the place that makes each of them stand out among the rest. They take note of all the details that matter most to people such as the ambiance, space, the environment around the shop, the friendliness of the staff, the accessibility, where they get their coffee beans, how they roast their coffee beans, how they started as a business, and what is their specialty coffee in each local coffee shop.

With all these information easily in hand, it’s easier to decide where to go and hang out with a friend, family or you can always find a new friend over a cup of delicious coffee. This has been a great year for me and the coffee club with a great coffee subscription package made it even more memorable. I’ll be looking forward to a perfect new year with all the good coffee shops where the best coffee in LA resides.