Unique Things That you Can Do Online

We are truly living in a digital age and the World Wide Web is taken for granted in many ways; Google can answer any question you can throw at it and it will bring you an almost endless list of suppliers when looking to buy a product. With much faster data transfer speeds that 4G and 5G will bring, this enables new and innovative technology, and with that in mind, here are a few things you probably didn’t know you can do online.

  • Get a Master’s Degree – Distance learning has been with us for quite a few years and the Covid pandemic boosted online learning, with all universities and colleges offering a wide range of courses.
  • Receive Physio Treatment – Your local physio offers virtual consultations via a Zoom call, which uses VoIP technology to provide audio and video via the Internet. The medical professional explains the exercise they want you to perform and they can watch you performing the routine. There is no real difference with a virtual consultation when compared to a regular face-to-face session and VoIP platforms provide essential healthcare treatment.
  • Buy Craft Beer – If you want to sample microbrew beer in NZ, search with Google for the brewery’s website, where you can choose from a wide selection of lagers and pale ales. Buy a selection pack that contains several brews is aa great idea and when you find your favourite, place a bulk order and your fridge will always have a few cold ones.
  • Have a Diamond Engagement Ring Made – You can have a custom jeweller design and hand-craft a spectacular diamond engagement ring without ever meeting the jeweller. Again, video calls empower you to have sessions with the designer, who will send you images of designs, and when everything meets with your approval, the master craftsman would begin to work their magic.
  • Have your Computer Repaired – While connected to a remotely located IT technician, it is possible for the technician to access your PC and carry out software repairs. The technician would send you a small file and when double clicked, it will run and allow the expert to access your machine.
  • Book a Holiday – It is pretty amazing that you can arrange a round-the-world cruise without ever meeting a tour operator and as we move into 2021, millions of people are looking to book their first holiday for two years, thanks to the pandemic.

When 5G is rolled out and the Internet of Things is launched, this will empower us even more and the future of IT looks very rosy.