Want To Know Some Simple Duck Breast Recipe, Find It Here

A simple fact is that with any poultry, chances are that duck may also have harmful bacteria. However, cooking duck is not the same as cooking turkey and chicken. This is because it is red meat. Some people prefer eating duck with other red meats such that it is cooked medium or kept rare medium so that it is inside with pink color.

Duck breast is not much cooked at home, but it has a deep rich interior and also is comparatively better than a steak. There is the ease of cooking chicken breast. However, even to prepare a duck breast there is not much required, but for a pan and few tricks to ensure you meet the style of any restaurant style duck breast recipe.

Why Cook Duck at Home?

 Duck breast has a crispy skin hiding the rich, rosy interior and it rivals some best steaks. Cooking at home a duck breast is also a romantic meal and is a nice way of saving money and time of hitting a hotel.

Cooking at home the duck breast means it is delicious. Duck is a beautiful poultry alternative for people not eating red meat. It is lighter than steak, yet each bit is succulent.

Duck breast recipe

DUCK HAM is one such duck breast recipe that can be prepared easily. The required ingredients are:

  • 2 cloves
  • peppercorns black 1 tsp
  • fresh thyme small handful
  • garlic clove 1
  • bay leaf dried 1 crushed
  • flaky sea salt 200g
  • caster sugar 200g
  • meaty duck breast large 250g


Use a mortar and pestle; coarsely crush the cloves, thyme, garlic, bay and peppercorns. Tip with the salt and sugar in a bowl, and mix together nicely. Lightly score the breast skin in a criss-cross pattern.

Scatter one-third of the salt mixture such that it holds snugly the duck breast. Lay the flesh-side of the duck down, on the salt and close it covering with remaining mixture. Tightly cover using a lid or a cling film and leave for 3 days in the fridge.

Remove from the mixture, the duck rinse with cold water and dry it well using kitchen paper. The Duck ham is ready to slice it thin and to serve as it is or in a salad. Keeping the duck wrapped in a cling film assured you keep it in the same condition for 1 month and it will retain its freshness.