Want To Try Indian Food? Order Like A Pro With These Tips!

Often called the land of spices, India is known for its cuisine, which often varies from state to state. Indian cuisine is getting popular around the globe, and in the US alone, there are over 5,000 restaurants. If you check for the best gluten free restaurant in Denver, chances are high that you may find an Indian restaurant in the lists. In case you are trying Indian food for the first time, we recommend that you follow these tips to have the best experience.

Start with a tandoori dish

This can be anything from kebabs to tandoori chicken or even tandoori paneer. Tandoor is basically a clay oven, where varied veggies, cottage cheese and meats are cooked slowly to perfection, often after marinating overnight. Consider this as the classic Indian starter, which is typically served with one or two dips.

Decide on the spiciness before ordering curries

There is no denying that Indian food can be hot and spicy for those who haven’t tasted before. The good thing is Indian restaurants would be more than willing to tone down the heat on request. Some recipes, such as the lamb bhuna or pork vindaloo is spicier, so you may want to skip these for your first visit. Instead, go for the classic chicken curry or something as simple as the butter chicken.

Find your ideal Indian bread

This is where things can be confusing. Flat Indian bread is basically called a roti, but there are a huge number of variations, right from roomali/rumali roti to naans and keema naans. If you don’t want to get confused, go for the standard Butter Roti or Butter Naan, which works well with both spicy and mild curries.

Don’t miss the basmati

You cannot go to an Indian restaurant and not try their signature basmati rice, steam cooked to perfection. If you want more of the Indian touch, go for something like Cumin Basmati Rice, also called the Jeera Rice. For more flavors, go for Biriyani, which may include chicken, mutton, or even cottage cheese.

Do order some dessert

From the classic Gulab Jamun to Kheer or Payasam, Indians love their desserts, and it is all very different from what you may have tried at any standard restaurant. For those who want to go for more flavors, Kheer is a good option, but you can also consider Lassi (made of yogurt and sugar), or Kulfi (Indian-style-Icecream).

Start your gastronomical experience at a restaurant in your city!